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Adjustable Refrigerator Organizer Drawer Basket


The Adjustable Refrigerator Organizer Drawer Basket can be adjusted and expanded manually, and the size can be changed according to space or demand. It is suitable for various specifications of refrigerators and can hold all kinds of food, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and so on. The mesh design of air vent not only makes food visible and easy to find but also effectively drain water and achieve the effect of best preservation.

The Adjustable Refrigerator Organizer Drawer Basket can take advantage of refrigerator-fresh partition boards that hang in the gaps between them, fit for separate storage inconvenient stacked food, make full use of space. Made of food-grade PP plastic, odorless, and healthy, can be healthily stored and classified foods.

Suitable for home or office and other places. It can be hanged under the tea table in the living room, storage remote control, snacks, small items, etc. It can be used as a water-logging basket for rinsing vegetables and fruits.

Product Features:

  • Our refrigerator organizer bins are easily installed to your fridge shelves that fit most standard size refrigerator shelves.
  • Our refrigerator storage is perfect for taking advantage of dead space in your refrigerator and organizing small items that would otherwise tend to get lost.
  • Smoothly installs by attaching it with secure clips that snap on. Detaches easily for refills
  • Perfect for organizing canned drinks, cheeses, bagged frozen vegetables, and other food items in the fridge, keep the refrigerator neat and clean.
  • Ideal for organizing your refrigerator & comes fully assembled.

Product Information:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
  • Load: 100 kg
  • Capacity: > 65 Alpine sugar
  • Specification: 20.5x16.4x7.6cm
  • Size: Before Stretch 20.5x16.4x7.6cm, After Stretch 28.5x16.4x7.6cm

Order Included:

1pc Adjustable Refrigerator Organizer Drawer Basket

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